Wednesday, 30 May 2012


Assalamualaikum, first let's thank God for being given the blessings of faith and Islam and peace and blessings be upon our beloved Prophet Muhammad saw. I would like to post this as short and precise, but it is hoped that readers can take input in the slightest.Silence is gold. In Islam silence is more than gold. There is a well-known saying of the Prophet Muhammad on the value of keeping silent.Solat is the main pillar of Islam, however remaining silent is better. Sadaqah will extinguish the anger of Allah, however remaining silent is better. Fasting is a shield against the fire of hell, however remaining silent is better. Jihad occupies a high position in the deen of Allah, however remaining silent is better.

The human experiences by reducing four of his habits: Socializing, eating, sleeping and talking much. Islam puts much emphasis on controlling one's tongue. Speech is one of that related to the spiritual heart. Generally useless talk is most of what we done. It is that which is said with little thought and less purpose. Even talking about religion can fall into this category. Many Muslims talk about God and Islam without proper knowledge.

I feel like I need to more on silence if I were no knowledge about the issues. Like we can look nowadays, many people want to talk and defend their stands even though it can bring more harm than good. I need to search for more knowledge to be more zuhud and prevent from riyak.