Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Desaru Coast GDV expected to hit RM5b

            Khazanah Nasional Bhd’s resorts and hotels investment with Destination Resorts and Hotels Sdn Bhd (DRH) estimated that the first phase of Desaru Coast GDV in Johore to generate gross value of RM5 billion.
            This project is located in 728.43ha site is develop by Desaru Holdings One Sdn Bhd (DH1) and now 10 per cent is already complete. The first phase willcomplete the four components which are Datai Langkawi, Sheraton Resort and Plantation Hotel, the Riverwalk and hospitality, tourism and culinary school.
            The joint-venture between Bagan Cerah Sdn Bhd and Perbadanan Darul takzim with ratio on share is 70:30 per cent. Desaru Coast is built along 17km beach that located in strategic east coast of Johor and also provide facilities to other countries such as Singapore and Indonesia through air, land and sea.
            The luxury destination resorts will be built in second and third phase. Muhd firdaus said that the first luxury destinations in our region not only completed other development in Johore but also will boost other development trades and domestic businesses and new townships.
            Mohd Nadziruddin said that RM 600 million was gained from Malayan Banking Bhd for the first phase. Khazanah Nasional Bhd also will be put in a seed capital for the development.

            Nowadays, the rate of unemployment is increasing in Malaysia. One of the methods to cater this issue is the development in the country. So, the benefits of development of Desaru Coast GDV and the most important things in the development are the job opportunities will increase. For this Desaru coast GDV will create over 3,500 job opportunities to the Malaysian.
            As we know, the development in the country gives the positive impressions to the country. One of the criteria of the developing countries is based on their facilities, public transportations and development of buildings. Due to the fact, Malaysian can attract investors from outside to invest in Malaysia. The increment Foreign Domestic Investment (FDI) is important that shows to the world that Malaysia is a safe to invest because of positive impressions from foreign investors.
            In addition, the Desaru Coast GDV can contribute to strengthen our neighbourhood country such as Singapore and Indonesia because it is built on the east coast of Johor. The connectivity between these countries can accelerate the economics on those countries. As developing countries, we need to depend on each other to develop our economy.
            Last but not least, with the development of Desaru Coast GDV, it can attract tourists from inside but also outside of Malaysia to come and visit Malaysia. We need to promote our attractive spots in Malaysia to gains belief of foreigners to come and it shows we need development that can boost our tourism.

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